Sunday, 26 February 2012

Danni Smurthwaite

I definitely have a certain “style” to my work. With a Fashion Design background my illustrations are very female and fashion driven.
Below is a particularly favourite illustration of mine, so much so that I actually have it tattooed on my forearm. This is Taylor. I created her as a “memorial” piece to saying goodbye to my fashion career and concentrating more on my illustrative endeavours.
 All my “girls” have an alternative quirky edge to them and I enjoy using bold colours and creating a “lifestyle” for them without actually placing them in a scene. I leave that for the viewer to create.
Below is another of my favourite illustrations. I usually use very bold striking colours in my work, but once I had finished drawing this piece I felt it needed a softer colour approach.
As well as illustration, graphic design also plays a large part in my portfolio.
I am currently involved in the POS (Point if Sale) design for UK brands, Booze Buster, Whittalls Wines, Simply Drinks and Oddbins. (over 100 stores in total) and have been doing this for the past 12months. Here’s a sample of some of the Blackboards I have created for the stores

You can see more of my work at

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Quinn Shipton

I'm not sure I've really discovered my 'style' quite yet, but I'm only in my first year of University. Here is some of the work I've done recently, all for my course.
This guy was for a tonal study using only Ultramarine, Raw Umber and White. Loosely based on our tired looking tutor assistant, Josh. This is the kind of work that I like to do.
This was one of my rough double page spreads from the Illustrated book project we had recently. The story I chose was quite dark and morbid.
We were given a few days to illustrate an article from New Scientist/The Guardian. A live brief of sorts.
This is Max, I made him as my 3D response to the Figure project I just handed in yesterday. He was so much fun to create and I feel like my work may become much more 3 dimensional from here on out!
Check out more of my work on DeviantART or Tumblr.

Kyren Simkiss

Most of my work is more like 'pre-production' for animation rather than finished illustration, though I do like to mess about with all sorts of mediums!
Sketches for the Witch-doctor character in my short film pitch!
A quick cariacature I recently painted- Click to enlarge it!
Just messing around in flash with a Wacom tablet!
And the first page of a short comic I did- It was very rushed towards the end but you can see the rest here!
Last but not least is this little fella which I drew onto a Vinyl Kidrobot Munny using posca pens!
I'm looking forward to this!
Check me out on 
Twitter - @ksimkiss
My own blog - Symkytz

Friday, 24 February 2012

Grant Corlett

Double sided poster for 'Backline Indie Night', Commissioned for Bedrock Promotions, Surrey.
Find them on Facebook - Bedrock Promotions

A typography piece based on the Stephen King novel “Christine”, about a '58 Plymouth Fury that's possessed by the ghost of the previous owner that takes over it's new owners life.

Something I did for fun, but I actually like it, Daft Punk Tee Design, printed hopefully on tee's in the summer!

 A Gameboy I drew out in Illustrator, this is not a photo, it's completely vector.

 I love owls, especially knight Rider inspired Robot owls with red eyes. Available on a tee in the summer if all goes well!

Spare Time Hero – Capes are for Girls Mix, A mixtape cover I did for a good mate of mine to promote his skills, check him out on Soundcloud (Spare Time Hero)

For more of my graphics visit these sites below

Twitter: @Grantsgraphics
Facebook: Grant Corlett – Graphic Design
Tumblr - GCGD

Jade Boylan

Candy Collage - a digital piece packed with a dozen or so of my candy coloured illustrations and designs

Where's Charlie? - double page spread from my (unfinished) childrens picture book 'Where's Charlie?' about a little girl who loses her pet rabbit.

Ice Cream Sundae - 4th of July themed sundae design for a college project.


Peculiar Princess - commissioned as a blog character for an ombre colour themed blog.

Sugar Skull - folk art dia de los muertos themed illustration. created for a college project.

just a few pieces giving you all a little glimpse into the candy coloured nightmare that is my brain.

i think they're all pretty self explanatory, if not, feel free to make up your own conclusions.

for more info about me, you can read my Bio page here - Jade

or visit my website here - Jade Boylan

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hopefully over the next few days we'll start getting posts from each of the Smoo Doo Croo creatives, featuring some of their work + maybe even a bit about how or why they do what they do

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