Smoo Doo Croo is a Manx design collective, originally set up in January 2012 by a group of like-minded and ambitious creatives ready to rid the world of overused fonts and bring some fresh new style to the local Art and Design scene.

in case you're curious about the name, 'Smoo Doo Croo' is pronounced pretty much how it's spelt and it roughly translates to 'Think Ink Create' in Manx Gaelic. And since we are a predominantly Manx collective, a Manx name seemed the ideal way to go.

We all come from or live on the Isle of Man (it's a little island in the middle of the Irish Sea, right in between England and Ireland. Google it if you don't believe us).

We're a mixed group of guys and girls with very different styles and skills. Our ages range from the low to the late twenties (with one nineteen year old, she was just too talented to be left out!) this also means that some of us are post graduates while others are still studying for their degrees and qualifications. This also means that some of our members are currently away studying at Universities in the UK.

Among us we have some: graphic designers, illustrators, fine artists, crafters, textile artists, character designers, colourists and animators.

Brought together by a joint desire to boost local comprehension of contemporary designers, illustrators and digital artists we hope to share our knowledge and skills to create something innovative for the Island that is our home.

Working independently as full time, part time, or freelance designers as well as working together collaboratively, we aim to help, encourage and maybe even challenge each other to do something spectacular...

for more information about our plan for world domination or to just say hello, you can email us via - smoodoocroo@gmail.com

or find us on Twitter for the latest updates: @smoodoocroo

on Facebook - Smoo Doo Croo

or Tumblr - smoodoocroo

go on, come and say hi to us, we promise to be nice,

unless you use Comic Sans, in which case we will probably all hate you...

:) x