Hi all, I'm Matt, an Illustration and Animation enthusiast from the Isle of Man. 

I developed a passion for art from a young age, helped in no small part by growing up on an island with such amazing and contrasting scenery. Spending Saturday mornings watching 80's children's shows and Disney cartoons sparked a love of animation that has never left me.

I studied art throughout high school and went on to complete an Art and Design HNC at the Isle of Man College, from there I went on to study Media Production BA Hons at Northumbria University in Newcastle before returning to the island.

In 2009/2010 I was lucky enough to be able to work on an Oscar nominated movie - Chico & Rita. This Spanish language feature was part funded by Isle of Man film and I'm really proud to have seen this relatively small production go on to do such great things and gain critical acclaim.

It's difficult for me to describe my style. I think I'm pretty versatile, my portfolio ranges from graphic and publication-oriented work to much more cartoony pieces.

Although I've been on earth almost 30 years I'm still experimenting with a few different mediums and and honing my use of line and colour. My pieces generally tend to be colourful and with something a bit quirky about them if that's the best way to describe it.

My love of movies and animation is reflected in my character designs which I'd love to be able to take further given the chance to work on another film.

I'm very interested in pre-production and concept art although some of my work tends to be more illustrative than fine art based and I'd love to work as a professional children's illustrator full time if the opportunity presents itself.

In my free time I love photography, camping, travelling, cinema, culture and enjoying life as much as I can. My musical tastes range from punk/rock to movie soundtracks, swing, a bit  of motown, and I love 80's movies and geeky sci-fi.