Why us?

The Smoo Doo Croo Collective is currently made up of seven rather multi-talented creatives each with their own unique styles and methods of design.

All but one of our members have at some point studied at the Isle of Man College (as well as at Universities in the UK) this makes us a mostly Manx raised set of designers, therefore living on the Isle of Man (or being a Manx student away at Uni) is obviously a pre-requisite for joining the collective.

We appreciate the fact that Artist Collectives are quite popular nowadays and that the Isle of Man is already home to a few such groups. However ours is a 'Design' Collective first and foremost, that's why we have brought together such a diverse little group of creatives.

Most local people are well aware that the island contains a pool of incredibly talented artists, photographers and sculptors but most of the time it's the younger generation of contemporary illustrators, animators and graphic designers that get overlooked.

We're also more than well aware that the island is also home to a whole bunch of extraordinarily talented young photographers, fashion designers, 3D artists, jewellery designers, ceramicists and fine artists but for now we'd like to keep Smoo Doo Croo a group for illustrators, animators and graphic designers.

We are currently not actively recruiting any more members, but if you feel that your work is exactly the sort of thing that we're all about and that you would feel right at home in a group like this, then send us an email, tell us a bit about yourself and maybe send us a few low-res examples of your work or a link to your online portfolio and we'll have a little chat - smoodoocroo@gmail.com