Friday, 24 February 2012

Grant Corlett

Double sided poster for 'Backline Indie Night', Commissioned for Bedrock Promotions, Surrey.
Find them on Facebook - Bedrock Promotions

A typography piece based on the Stephen King novel “Christine”, about a '58 Plymouth Fury that's possessed by the ghost of the previous owner that takes over it's new owners life.

Something I did for fun, but I actually like it, Daft Punk Tee Design, printed hopefully on tee's in the summer!

 A Gameboy I drew out in Illustrator, this is not a photo, it's completely vector.

 I love owls, especially knight Rider inspired Robot owls with red eyes. Available on a tee in the summer if all goes well!

Spare Time Hero – Capes are for Girls Mix, A mixtape cover I did for a good mate of mine to promote his skills, check him out on Soundcloud (Spare Time Hero)

For more of my graphics visit these sites below

Twitter: @Grantsgraphics
Facebook: Grant Corlett – Graphic Design
Tumblr - GCGD

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